You Will Love This Place

"You will love this place as much as your dogs do! The dogs play all day long outside in a huge play area with a large privacy fence (one of my dogs is a fence jumper). Tim has a large, well-heated outdoor shelter area if the pups want to warm up, relax or just sleep. Tim personally interacts with the dogs all day long, and gets to learn each and every dog's personality. My dogs go absolutely nuts in the car as we get close to Tim's place so much so, that I have had to open the door and let them jump out over me! They are greeted by all the other dogs and Tim once inside the gates!
As for doesn't get any better. It is the next best thing to having a friend dog sit your pups at your home. They get to sleep in Tim's home on any of the dog beds laid out. They aren't locked inside of a small kennel inside of a building with no human interaction. It doesn't get any better than this. Since I discovered Dog Gone Walkers, I have absolutely no need to take them anywhere else." -Michele