Cancellations for all boarding services must be done at least 2 weeks prior to stay or you will still be responsible for entire payment of booked stay.
Late pickup fees will be in effect as follows:

- The first 15 minutes late to pick up a dog after closing time will be a $15 late fee (a few grace minutes are allowed).

- After 15 minutes up to 30 minutes late picking up a dog, a $30 late fee will be applied.

- If you are more than an hour late after closing there will be an Overnight Boarding fee charged.
We Invoice on the 1st of the month (for previous months services) with payment being due by the 15th. At this time we accept payment through PayPal (find us by our email: doggonewalkerllc@gmail.com, must pay using "friends & family"), or cash.
PLEASE write name of pet in the "memo" section of the check!
We have re-branded to K9 Crush!

1323 Ruskin St. Madison WI 53704
(507) 779-8080
For all daycare and boarding services we require dogs over 12/14mo. of age to be spayed/neutered.
Hours include 6:30am-6:30pm Mon-Thurs.
6:30am-6pm Fridays.
Closed on Saturday.
Closed on Sundays with Pickup/drop off for boarding 4-5pm ONLY.

We ask that our boarding pups be picked up by 12 pm the following day (day of scheduled check-out) or an additional charge of $25 will be applied (daily daycare fee)

Hours vary for our in-home services.
For our regular dog walking clients almost always, yes! We strive to create a special bond with your dog through consistency, stability and the comfort of knowing they'll be seeing their primary caregiver for daily walks. In cases where your dog's primary walker is unavailable either Tim or our secondary walker will be there. We take pride in nurturing our relationships and will do all we can to accommodate!
Yes. We have bonding and liability insurance through Pet Sitters Associates. This covers your pets(s) and home while in our care for all our in-home services and daycare/boarding.
Policy Number: 3ED4162
EXP: 09/09/2019
Our dog boarding and dog daycare is located on the east-side conveniently off of Stoughton Rd (HWY51) and Buckeye Road. We provide our in-home services throughout most the downtown Madison, East Madison, North Madison areas and Sun Prairie.
We're glad to have the opportunity to care for your dog. Get in touch with us! Email (doggonewalkerllc@gmail.com) call (tel:(608) 345-7964 or text.) We will set up a time for a free meet & greet where you and your dog can come check out our facility (dog boarding/ dog daycare) or your future dog walker will come to you and we will have a chance to chat about services you're interested in and while having an opportunity to learn about your dog's unique personality!

Please feel free to add specific info about your pet in our service agreement to enable their most enjoyable experience!

​PLEASE be sure you are arriving to the CORRECT ADDRESS. Our facility is NOT the shelter across the street. Although we both have painted fences ours has PAW PRINTS DONE IN OUR LOGO COLORS.