Caring for Your Furry Friend


As the first of the month rolls around once again we just want to remind you all that we DO accept payments through PAYPAL! Find us by our email ( and use "friends and family."

**late fees still apply - $25/week



Policy Updates – New News

As our business continues to grow, we have a few changes in procedure/policy that will help us out greatly. Thank you for your patience and growing with us!

  • Starting 1/1/18 we will be transitioning all of our invoicing/billing and booking to an online electronic interface! A crucial part of this process is updating our records with up to date e-mail addresses and “Client Information.” We will be handing out new service agreements for you to fill out and provide us with any updates.
  • No cash discounts starting 1/1/18
  • Payments are now being accepted via PayPal at

Make sure to use “friends & family” when sending money.

  • New daycare hours are as follows:
    6am-7pm Mon-Thurs.
    6am-6pm Fridays.
    8am-4pm Saturday daycare by appointment only.
    Closed on Sundays with Pickup/drop off for boarding 4-5pm ONLY.
  • Late pickup fees will be in effect as follows:

- The first 15 mins late after closing time will be a $15 late fee (a few grace mins allowed).

- After 15mins up to 30 mins late a $30 late fee will be applied.

- If you are more than an hour late after closing there will be an Overnight Boarding fee charged.

  • For our Overnight Boarding guests we ask that they arrive for their stay with pre-bagged/measured meals labeled with their name. This makes feeding times much more organized and clear-cut for us. If food is not proportioned properly for all meals there will be a $10 fee for each feeding.
  • We will no longer be feeding our daycare guests any meals throughout the day. Out of safety and liability for our other guests we must be providing supervision at all times.

11/11/17 - If paying my check please write the name of your pet in the "memo" section.

11/01/17 - Hours include 6am-7pm Mon-Thurs. 6am-6am Fridays, 8am-6pm Sat. daycare by Apt. ONLY

Closed on Sundays with pickup/drop off for boarding 4-5pm ONLY.