Dog Daycare

3 dogs playing with stick

Join The Fun!


We are open for business! At our entrances we have hand sanitizer, lysol spray and wipes. We offer contact-less drop off and pick ups and if wanted you can text and we can take your dog from your vehicle in and out of daycare.


$25 Per Day
$15 Additional Dog, Same Family

Half day daycare is available ($15)! Hours for a half day are:





If your dog is craving room to run, splash, chase and play or simply wants to catch some rays by the (heated/air conditioned) gazebo, let us make your dog's dreams come true!

Our dog yard mimics your favorite local dog park with all the creature comforts for four-seasons of fun. Our experienced dog-care staff offers unique, specialized attention for your pooch. Let your dog experience days in the lap of luxury whilst surrounded by positive social interactions. Confidence-building and nurturing relationships are built through the loving and experienced hands of our team.

 Let's make everyday the best day!

If you are interested in having a standing (constant) day please tell Tim so it can be in the books! (

Dog Daycare Hours

6:30am-6:30pm Mon-Thurs.

6:30am-6pm Fridays,

Closed on Saturday

Closed on Sundays (pick-up/drop-off 4pm-5pm ONLY)


Please note: When finding our location there is an animal shelter across the street as well. You'll know you are in the right place when you see the fence with our logo painted on.



Dog Daycare Policies

* All dogs over the age of 7/8mo. must be spayed/neutered.

* Additional $5 on Holidays.

Download a copy of our Service Agreement.

Policy updates available for download.